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If you look in the dictionary for the definition of the word buffed, you’ll find that it is usually applied in literature to the color buff, or buff as being bare skin. However, in the real world of everyday language that the dictionary might consider as slang, the word buffed is most often used as a description of a person who has great muscle tone and is extremely physically fit. Here at we believe that getting buffed requires a healthy lifestyle including healthy foods along with exercise and strength training to achieve the best physical condition possible. If you’re ready to get buffed, we are dedicated to bringing you the latest information and articles on muscle gain, fat loss, weight loss, strength training, bodybuilding, healthy eating and a variety of other general fitness information to help you reach your goals.
Of course everyone wants to lose weight and get in shape without a lot of effort, but it isn’t realistic to expect to develop a buffed body without breaking a sweat and the more regular and focused your workouts are, the more benefits you’ll get. Here at we can help you determine the best fitness workouts, routines, nutrition and equipment to make your buff body goals a reality and how to stay on track once you get there. It is entirely possible to dramatically accelerate your muscle size, strength and leanness once you find the strength and development program that works best for you.
The right exercise and training is critical to creating a ripped physique, and people who are already in good shape may want to focus on strength and weight training alone without adding any cardio workouts. Those who are starting out on the overweight side may want to incorporate both weights and cardio in pursuit of a buffed physique because weight training burns more calories than cardio exercises do. Although both are good regimens, combining weight lifting and cardio exercises will allow them both to work together as complimentary fat burning routines.
Your muscles do not grow when you lift weights, but it does help stimulate your muscles to grow when you aren’t lifting. Getting a ripped body is not so much about spending a zillion hours working out as it is about applying maximum intensity to your workouts. is your resource for learning how to achieve the intensity you need to build a buffed body faster than you ever dreamed possible. A schedule of cardio-aerobic workouts combined with strength and weight training will deliver the maximum health benefits while you build overall strength and stamina on your way to a perfectly buffed body. has the resources you need to help you determine the right combination of equipment, exercises, and nutrition that will get buffed and stay that way.